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Recently I was asked by the team at Athletes Insight if I would be interested in writing an ‘Expert Contributor’ post for their training community. CEO Rich Stead and I were course-mates in our Undergraduate degrees in Sports Science at Loughborough University. I’m really excited (and jealous) that he has gone on to set up this business, which is based out of the sunny West Coast of the USA.


This was an interesting post to write especially given the different audience of the article. It covers being a Sports Scientist, measuring the response to training, tracking training load and finally some tips on recovery. Overall, this post describes how the “weekend warrior” and amateur athlete can utilise simple applications from the world of Sports Science to assist their own training:


Athletes Insight

Athletes Insight provide a range of services including personal training and mentoring services. They have also created ‘The Uplift Community’ on Facebook for active individuals to share their personal athletic journey. The website has a range of free resources across training and nutrition, and a new magazine as well. Their flagship creation is the Performance Sport Running Sunglasses and they have expanded to offer clothing and accessories.


ATHLETES INSIGHT is the ultimate one-stop destination to help aspiring individuals improve their performance.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or Olympic athlete, you’ll find running tips, athletic gear, product reviews, mental strategies, support, new recipes, and ways to train smarter.


Finally, thanks to Rich Stead for the invitation to write for the Athletes Insight website.


Jo Clubb