Acute:Chronic Workloads and Rehabilitation

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Acute:Chronic Workloads and Rehabilitation

Recently I was asked by my colleague Sam Blanchard to write a guest post for his blog: Plinths and Platforms. Sam is also based in Western New York and is the Head of Rehabilitation for our affiliated American Hockey League (AHL) team, the Rochester Americans.


He had been reading some of the recent literature from Dr Tim Gabbett and asked me to write a piece from the perspective of a Sport Scientist on how this load monitoring approach can assist rehabilitation and returning to training.


You can find the article here:


Sam and his co-author Conor McGoldrick, an S&C Coach at the Lawn Tennis Association, cover a variety of topics across sports medicine on their blog. So make sure to have a look around the other articles too!


Please let me know what you think. And thanks to Sam for the invitation to write for his blog!



Blanch & Gabbett (2015), p2.


Jo Clubb


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