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Profiling Sports Science 2016

December 13, 2016No Comments

Hello Sports Discovery Readers.

What a year of sport it has been! Notable highlights from a neutral view must include Leicester City winning the Premiership, the Rio Olympics, Andy Murray’s year, Ireland finally beating the All Blacks, the Ryder Cup and Euro 2016. It’s been another great year for Sports Discovery too. We’ve published 14 new blog posts covering topics such as Acute:Chronic Workload, Return to Play Criteria, Role of the Sport Scientist, Speed Development and interviews from two top practitioners.  We’ve also launched our Practitioner Forum (Vacancies, , Discussions, Best Practices etc.) where the aim is to provide an open platform to network with others and share knowledge and ideas. Our social media has been very active too, with now over 2,600 followers on twitter.

The purpose of Sports Discovery remains the same: to explore and advance cutting-edge sports science thinking, continuing the legacy of our dear friend Nick Broad who sadly passed away in January 2013. Whilst we continue to develop our support for the industry, we also plan to introduce additional services which we hope you’ll be able to take advantage of.

Among those is our Forum, which we introduced as a result of our survey last December. We had such an outstanding response from everyone, we’ve decided to run another survey this December. We are really interested to hear about our industry from the people who are working at the heart of it, as well as those who are aspiring to become part of it. Our survey this year overlaps some of the areas we covered last year, so we start to build a story, as well as focusing attention towards the future of the industry.

Please click here to take our survey.

Thank you.

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