Sports Discovery

Sports Discovery works with global sports professionals and organisations, as well as those striving for high performance.

We aim to provide resources, discussion, and networking opportunities for professional sports practitioners. We also provide a range of sports performance
consultancy services tailored to individual organisational needs.

Sports Discovery was inspired by Nick Broad, whose cutting-edge sports science thinking stands as an example to us all.
  • Supporting Performance

    From team sports to individual athletes, our experience spans the world and encompasses many high profile sporting brands.
  • Supporting Health

    Whether an athlete or not, health applies to all. We are passionate about promoting health and wellbeing to support your goals.
  • Supporting Business

    Performance is not just about sport - we support businesses and executives in everything from data discovery to balancing life's commitments.
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Meet Our Team

Founded by three individuals who worked with Nick Broad, Sports Discovery includes experts and contributors from a range of sporting disciplines
Jo Clubb
Founder & Contributor
With a First in Sport and Exercise Science, Jo has worked with Chelsea FC, Brighton and Hove Albion, and currently an NHL ice hockey team.
Jonathan Bloomfield
Founder & Contributor
With a PhD in Science and Football, JB has worked with Darren Clarke, Chelsea FC, the England Rugby team, and many other sporting governing bodies.
David Penny
Founder & Contributor
A specialist in data visualisation, reporting and analysis, David has worked with many clubs and governing bodies, including Chelsea FC, PSG FC, and the RFL.