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How Do You Follow The Sochi Olympics?

February 18, 20141 Comment

Data visualisation is never better demonstrated than when real and meaningful data is used. What strength and conditioning coach cares about financial performance, trial balance, the manufacture of widgets, or customer demographics? Instead, your own data can demonstrate how intelligent use can enhance the monitoring and decision making process. At…

Planning to Minimise Jetlag

February 16, 20142 Comments

Having recently crossed eleven time zones to travel between the UK and Australia it goes without saying that I suffered from jetlag.  However, jetlag can be significantly reduced through behaviour and the use of natural cues.  These can be used to assist travel for everyone but particularly with athletes when…

Bulldogs coach takes sports science to new level

February 13, 2014No Comments

First was GPS. Then calves blood extract. Now rugby league’s top innovator has taken another trailblazing step into high performance nirvana.   JOSH MASSOUD writes in the Daily Telegraph revealing Bulldogs coach Des Hasler enjoyed an edge on his rivals last season, thanks to a pair of special cameras that were installed…

Irish Rugby Player suing IRFU: Raises a Question?

An interesting Sports Law case has emerged within Ireland over the past few weeks. Reported by Mark Tighe in last week’s Sunday Times, 24-times capped Irish Scrum-Half, Tomas O’Leary, is currently suing the IRFU after suffered a training ground accident whilst preparing for a 2011 Six Nations fixture against England….

NHL players fighting jet lag with sleep deprivation

February 11, 20141 Comment

The Canadian Press By Stephen Whyno Mike Babcock just wanted to keep his players awake. Dan Bylsma didn’t have his bearings. It was that kind of whirlwind experience for NHL players and coaches who flew to Sochi from Sunday into Monday and then got right on the ice to prepare for the…

A Pom’s View on Aussie Sports

February 8, 20144 Comments

I have been lucky enough to visit Australia to travel in 2012 and this month as part of the Masters in High Performance at ACU and have been fascinated in the differences within sport between the UK and Australia. Popularity It does not take a visit Down Under to realise…

Wada warns that around 25% of world’s drugs are sold on the black market

February 7, 2014No Comments

Reposted from The Guardian The World Anti-Doping Agency has warned that around a quarter of all the pharmaceuticals in the world are sold on the black market, in the wake of claims about the availability of an undetectable new muscle growth drug. David Howman, the Wada director general, said it was “outrageous…

NRL Team takes part in AIS Sleep Study

February 5, 2014No Comments

Canberra Raiders players Jarrod Croker, Terry Campese and Jack Ahearn taking part in an AIS Sleep study. Photo: Twitter The Canberra Raiders are guinea pigs for a cutting-edge sleep study of elite athletes which the AIS hopes can improve Olympic performance and eradicate the reliance on controversial medications such as Stilnox….

Transfer Deadline Day - January 2014

February 3, 2014No Comments

Dateline… January 31, 2014… 11.10pm…   The January transfer window slams shut, although being a cold winter night, I doubt it was open more than a crack.   Who were the movers and shakers? Has more been spent this year than previously? Are more clubs loaning than selling? Where should…

PlayerCam: Use in Sports Research

PlayerCam used for Movement Studies: One area that Nick and I discussed quite a bit was the application of video analysis to support, extend and visualise the objective measurements Sports Scientists often are making in the field. Nick & I first spoke when he came across the motion-analysis work that…