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Euro2016 the best result and statistic tracker

With only hours remaining until kick off, it’s time to bookmark your favourite portal to track the Euro 2016 results. For me, this one is the best; it provides the history, it’s easy to use, and it looks great. Enjoy the tournament. David Penny

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Sport Informatics and #UCSIA15

Without a formal qualification in Sports Science, I’ve had to work hard to understand the reasons behind the types of analytical work I’ve undertaken for clients. My degree was as far from sports science as you could get (business and engineering), but I’ve built a working knowledge of performance, athlete monitoring, and the types of statistical analysis professional […]

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A Basket of Visualisations

It seems that for anyone wanting to display their data analysis talents, sporting data is the first place they look. From The Guardian and BBC, to individuals working with free to use software, whenever there’s a significant sporting event, or even when there isn’t, out come the data analysts. Over the summer I posted many […]

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BBC 60 Second Test: Which Sport Are You Made For?

To celebrate the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the BBC have devised a 60 second test to determine which sport you are best suited to. Covering areas such as: Height, Pain Tolerance, Aggressiveness, Co-ordination, and Focus, it’s a fun way to learn which sport you’re designed for and inclined towards. Take the test yourself and see […]

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A Summer Of Sport

Long lazy summer days; the sound of leather on willow; vuvuzela orchestras; Brazilian football chants; strawberries and cream; Thames rowing; Lewis and Nico. We’re in for a summer of sport, and with it comes a summer of sports’ data. To get the ball rolling (or bouncing), here’s an excellent analysis of French Open Tennis Players.   […]

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The 800 Pound Gorilla(s) of Aussie Sport

Unlike Jo, I have not been lucky enough to travel to Australia and to explore the continent. As a result, my direct exposure to Aussie sport is extremely limited. Having worked with the RFL in the UK, I’m aware of how big a part of Aussie sport NRL is. From various “world cups”, I also […]

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How Do You Follow The Sochi Olympics?

Data visualisation is never better demonstrated than when real and meaningful data is used. What strength and conditioning coach cares about financial performance, trial balance, the manufacture of widgets, or customer demographics? Instead, your own data can demonstrate how intelligent use can enhance the monitoring and decision making process. At just over the halfway point […]

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Transfer Deadline Day - January 2014

Dateline… January 31, 2014… 11.10pm… The January transfer window slams shut, although being a cold winter night, I doubt it was open more than a crack. Who were the movers and shakers? Has more been spent this year than previously? Are more clubs loaning than selling? Where should we turn for this information? The BBC […]

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How I became a Soccer fan – well almost

Growing up I was never a sports fan. Football, or anything with a bat, club or racket, just didn’t hold my interest. Basically, I was a computer geek. As I’ve grown older, my interests have widened. Now you could describe me as someone who participates in sporting activities – but strictly on my own terms. […]

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