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Jonathan Bloomfield

Jonathan Bloomfield

  • Born Belfast, 1979
  • PhD in Science & Football, 2005
  • Sports Science & Performance Consultant 2012-Present
  • Fitness Advisor to Darren Clarke 2012
  • Sports Science Consultant to Chelsea FC 2010-11
  • Sports Scientist for England Rugby Team 2009-2012
  • Sports Scientist for NI Football Team 2007-2009
  • Physiologist  for Sports Institute of N. Ireland 2006-2009
  • Fitness Coach for Ulster Rugby 2004-2006
  • Research Consultant for UK Sport (R&D) 2010
  • UKSCA Accredited Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Jonathan has a wealth of high level experience in providing applied sport science support for several sports in multi-disciplinary environments. He has a passion for supporting high performance athletes and helping them to maximise their physical performance.

“JB’s” current consultancy provides services to assess and monitor physiological stress, fatigue and recovery using wearable technologies.  In previous roles, he was responsible for the inception of monitoring and assessment procedures to teams and optimisation of Science and Technology to help establish a World Class support system.

Finally, Jonathan achieved a PhD in Science and Football in 2005 with his studies focusing on the size and shape of football players across European Leagues, the speed and agility demands of Premier League football through individual player video analysis and investigation of effective speed and agility conditioning practices.

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Key Research Papers

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