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David Penny

David Penny

Born in the East Midlands UK in the early 1970’s.

Graduated from De Montfort University with a degree in Industrial and Business Systems.

David has spent more than 15 years implementing business critical systems; finance, customer relationship management, business intelligence and reporting.

David’s work has covered many industries and markets, including aviation, sports science, financial services, retail, and within internal organisation departments covering finance, sales, marketing, and operations.

Within the sports arena, David has worked with individual clubs and governing bodies, including Chelsea FC, Paris Saint-Germain FC, and The Rugby Football League. He specialises in dashboard design, data modelling and has years of experience working with analytical and visualisation software. Great with the big picture; superb attention to detail.

In addition to his experience and qualifications with reporting and analysis, David is also a qualified NLP Practitioner. These skills allow him to better understand clients’ requirements and motivations, when delivering a data analysis solution.

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