"Notes From" Series

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"Notes From" Series

Postby joclubbsportsci » Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:40 pm

At Sports Discovery, we want to support sharing messages and information from the many conferences and workshops that take place in the Sports Science community. These events share so many great thoughts and ideas that we want to provide a platform for them to be shared to a wider audience. We would like to invite anyone who is attending an event and is interested in writing a piece for Sports Discovery to let us know via this forum thread or via direct message on Twitter.

We already have a number of "Notes From" pieces already on Sports Discovery, including:
Monitoring Training Load 2016 at Aspire: http://sportsdiscovery.net/journal/2016 ... e-academy/
Using and Creating Scientific Knowledge to Improve Physical Performance in Football 2015:
http://sportsdiscovery.net/journal/2015 ... l-tumfc15/
IE Sports Innovation Summit 2014: http://sportsdiscovery.net/journal/2014 ... on-summit/
Leaders in Performance 2013: http://sportsdiscovery.net/journal/2014 ... rformance/

Now we would like to make this a more regular occurrence. We have a number of articles lined up from the many events that took place during May, kicking off with Southampton FC's Sports Science Undergraduate Summit coming soon to the blog.

If you are attending an event and would like to share some of your notes please get in contact!

PS: We want to respect the privacy of both the presenters and organisers and so common sense should be used in deciding what and how much to share. We certainly do not want to take away from attending these events in person but aim to share some of the key messages far and wide!
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